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20 Fun and Sweet Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids You Can Buy Right Now on Amazon

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With Valentine’s Day 2023 approaching, it’s time to start thinking about gifts for your loved ones. There are many options for gifts for kids, but this year you can give something unforgettable. We’ve rounded up the best Amazon gifts for Valentine’s Day this year.

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No matter what age your child is, there is something for everyone here. From Squishmallows for hugs to chocolate painting kits, you’ll find the perfect gift here.

►Looking for a special gift for Valentine’s Day? Here are the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas for all your loved ones.

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1. For those who love a good squish: Valentine’s Day Squishmallows.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids: Squishy Plush Toy

Cute Squishmallows are always popular and will have kids from toddlers to teens seeing hearts. This Squishmallow will quickly become your loved ones’ favorite toy.

$25 on Amazon

2. For the cute fashionista: Gund P. Lusches

This plush toy is for an incredibly fashionable child.

These trendy plush pets are a stylish team of premium small soft toys. With names like Bianca Bling and Cala Bassetthound, these Kardashian-like hugs are perfect for any pint-sized trendsetters.

$11 on Amazon

3. For those who love their friends: DIY frame decoration kit.

This fun craft will improve their framing game

For the kid who loves to express themselves creatively, this DIY kit has everything you need to create a cool photo frame for keepsake or gift. Filled with love and valentine themed stickers and stamps, it’s just right for unleashing creativity and devotion to the special people in their lives.

$11 on Amazon

4. For those who are against the heart: a red fire truck.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids: Fire Truck Green Toys

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about hearts and kisses. This amazing fire truck captures the bright red of the season, but not quite so literally. This toy is made from 100% recycled milk jugs so your kids can show their love for the earth while playing with their new toy.

$15 on Amazon

5. For those who love stories: bestselling book by Joanna Gaines.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids: A New Book by Joanna Gaines

Joanna Gaines seems to get it right. Written by a home decor and lifestyle guru, this beautifully illustrated storybook is a lesson in creativity, collaboration and acceptance. This will be a warm addition to your bedtime rotation.

$12 on Amazon

6. For a resident cupid: a set of bow and arrows.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids: Archery Set

For your little god or goddess of love, how about a glowing bow and arrow set? This kid-friendly set includes six 20″ suction cup arrows, a bow, a bullseye target and an arrow quiver. It comes in a variety of color options, but for the festive mood, we’re partial to pink.

$30 on Amazon

7. For those who love animals: cute couple Calico Critters

Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids: Calico Critters

Calico Critters, a line of adorable animals, offers the perfect pair of fluffy figurines for Valentine’s Day. Stella and the cinnamon bunny dress up for a date, and the set includes a romantic touch: a tiny bouquet of roses.

$20 on Amazon

8. For those who love kisses: Kissy penguin

Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids: Kissy the Penguin

This 12″ interactive baby penguin is just cuddling! This cute little toy will become your child’s favorite valentine and he will love petting Kissy’s feet and watching her flap her wings and blow kisses. Kissy also plays “Brother Jacques.

$32 on Amazon

9. For the cook: chocolate pen

Create all kinds of cool 3D chocolate art!

Every note is sweeter when written in chocolate. Whether your child is a baker or a painter, they will love the 3D candy and cake decorations they can make with this fun pen that melts chocolate into fun shapes and patterns.

$26 on Amazon

10. For the star power: your own karaoke microphone

Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids: Kids Karaoke Microphone

Whether your child dreams of singing on stage or singing in the bathtub, they will love this fun, multifunctional microphone. Not only does this colorful metal karaoke mic make them look like a rock star, but it also provides Bluetooth wireless connectivity so they can play their best karaoke songs right at home. It also comes in a variety of bright and metallic shades so they can choose one in their favorite color.

$19 on Amazon

11. For those who love rock: mini guitar

Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids: Loog Mini Guitar

Quality Loog guitars are the perfect starter tool for kids, and while they make a great gift, Valentine’s Day is a great occasion to give them. The app and Loog cards make it easy for the little ones to learn to play. (If your child doesn’t like red, the guitar comes in pink, green, yellow, white, and black.

$89 on Amazon

12. For those who love to “bake”: Melissa and Doug cake.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids: Melissa and Doug Cake

Give a Melissa & Doug birthday cake and your little one can celebrate Valentine’s Day all over again! The wooden confection comes with three layers that kids can “cut” with the included serving knife, and also features a “candle” and fun little heart-shaped confections to make things festive.

$23 on Amazon

13. For those who love accessories: pink sunglasses.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids: WeeFarers Sunglasses

Give sun protection and amazing photo shoots! WeeFarers sunglasses for babies, toddlers and preschoolers with durable frames, the highest sun protection rating (UV400) and an adjustable strap. Pink isn’t the only option; black, tortoiseshell, white and blue are also available.

$35 on Amazon

14. For those who love fashion things: 5-Surprise fashion mini-set

Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids: 5-Surprise Mini-Fashion

Each 5-Surprise ball has a tiny fashion puppy and even smaller accessories to keep them on trend. Your little fashionista’s heart will break at how cute this little toy is.

$17 on Amazon

15. For those who love stories: Yoto Player

Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids: Yoto Player

One thing our kids don’t need more screen time is why Yoto Player is so lovable and why the Parenting Team at Reviewed loves it so much. This gadget is a sound speaker that kids can control with pre-recorded sound cards. The starter pack includes a podcast, audiobook, music, and activities. Children insert a card and start listening like tape recorders in the old days! Additional cards are sold separately.

$110 on Amazon

16. For those who love jewelry: PlusPlus jewelry set

Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids: PlusPlus Jewelry Set

Kids love decorations, but they love them even more when they can make their own? This jewelry set from PlusPlus includes 400 shiny gemstones and gold-colored plastic pieces, plus a base plate and 3D jewelry making guide. This is a great Valentine’s Day activity for kids ages 5 to 12.

$27 on Amazon

17. For a beginner makeup artist: own cosmetic bag

Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids: Litti Pretti Makeup Kit

This makeup set is replete with flowers, hearts and bows for Valentine’s Day. 11 parts are realistic, but don’t worry parents, there is no real makeup here. It is child-safe foam, rubber and plastic. Your little one will be so busy pretending not to care.

$26 on Amazon

18. For those who dream of adventure: own VW camper

Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids: Playmobil Camper

The Playmobil Camper Playset is exactly the shade of red your kids will fall in love with. Camping and camping vans are so popular right now that this fancy VW bus is a retro throwback that is fun to play with camping and is also on trend. The toy is equipped with a kitchen and sleeping area, as well as all the accessories you need for an epic journey.

$33 on Amazon

19. For sharing love: Mini Heart Pop toys

Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids: Pop Toys

This 24-piece Heart Pop toy set is great for kids to pass out in their class and give to someone they love for Valentine’s Day. Each pop toy has a chain attached with a heartfelt message.

$17 on Amazon

20. For dreamers: Night light

Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids: Night Light

Your child will look forward to a night’s sleep with this adorable Star night light. The LED night light has a 360-degree rotation function and 16 color combinations. Night light mode provides soft light and overall night light comfort for children and adults.

$24 on Amazon

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