Hillary Clinton has proven to me once again that she will do and say anything to get in the Whigte House. She has also proven that she hates to take responsibility for her errors and lies. she has revived the row over fiery racial rhetoric by Democratic rival Barack Obama’s former pastor, as she tried to deflect a storm over her overblown account of a 1996 trip to Bosnia. Mrs. Clinton said she would have left the church had her pastor come out with remarks like those of Reverend Jeremiah Wright. I understand her position if you only heard that snippet of his sermon, but if you heard the entire context in which that statement was made, the result would be slightly different. Yes, I would not want to associate with Wright, but he has spoken a lot of truths in his statements, though he could have left out some of the really controversial statements. She is trying to force Obama into a corner to constantly have to defend himself about his association with Wright. That’s not fair, but to be honest, I expect no less from the Clintons–mudslingers extraordinaire!

The Obama campaign accused her of trying to deflect from her own embarrassment, after she admitted that her claims that she dodged sniper fire during the Bosnia trip as first lady were untrue. “I made a mistake, that happens. It proves I’m human, which, for some people, is a revelation,” Clinton said, as the controversy continued, distracting from her claims of high-level foreign policy experience. No, she needs to feel the same heat Obama took for his relationship with Wright. The problem I have with her response is that she is just saying that her lie was no big thing, just a misstatement. No, I beg to differ. This leads me to believe that many of the things she has used to bolster her position that she is the most vetted and qualified person to lead the Democratic Party are probably lies and gross embellishments of the truth.

It gets better. Clinton said “I think, given all we have heard and seen, he would not have been my pastor.” “We don’t have a choice when it comes to our relatives. We have a choice when it comes to our pastors and the church we attend.” So, is her decision to stay with a philandering and lying spouse averring that she didn’t have a choice? Hmm, seems to me that the relationship with Obama can be viewed as her decision to stay with her husband after all those embarrassing revelations of his many affairs. Also, what about her relationship with the people associated with the Whitewater scandal? Were those family or just associates? The bottom line is that the Clintons have a nasty habit of stretching the truth to fit their needs. No, she needs to be exposed for all the lies both have told. Just my thoughts, you be the judge….