Well, the Clintons sure know how to spin facts on just about everything. The latest dustup is over the real truth about her 1996 trip to Bosnia. According to Mrs. Clinton, she was lucky to escape with her life, landing in a hail of sniper fire. She said they were forced to cut short the greeting ceremony at the airport and, “run with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base.” Funny, above is a picture of her hugging a young girl on the tarmac and media reports have said that a poem was read in her honor. So, I can’t see how she had to run for her life. This is was a classic Clintonian move… Now her campaign is backing off those comments because she has been “outed.”

They are now saying that Clinton “misspoke” when she said she landed “under sniper fire” during a 1996 trip to war-torn Yugoslavia.There were reports of snipers in nearby hills, but no known shots were taken at the landing craft or tarmac in Tuzla, Clinton campaign spokesman Howard Wolfson said.“The facts are clear from contemporaneous news accounts that she was entering a potentially dangerous situation, and she has written about this before, she has talked about this before and there you have it,” Wolfson said. So, I guess a trip of this “magnitude” qualifies her to be the President and hit the ground running on Day One! This was a key foreign policy move. Please spare me the drama. She got caught in a lie, plain and simple.

Last week, during a speech at George Washington University in Washington, she said she remembered “that trip to Bosnia. … There was a saying around the White House that if a place was too small, too poor, or too dangerous, the president couldn’t go, so send the First Lady. That’s where we went.“

The military commander on hand to greet Clinton at the time, Major General William Nash, told the Washington Post he was unaware of any sniper threat to Clinton during her 8-hour stay. Also traveling with the first lady was her daughter Chelsea, the singer Sheryl Crow and the comedian Sinbad, who said the scariest part of the trip was deciding where to eat.

Clinton dismissed Sinbad’s account of the trip by saying, “Sinbad is a comedian.” But according to reports, the first lady’s personal schedule detailing that trip, included “no mention of security threats,” according to the Wall Street Journal. So, I guess all those records she had earlier refused to divulge did have some proof to the many untruths she has told, or the spin she has put on many of her positions. I guess since Sinbad is a comedian, he cannot have a political position or see for himself. I guess this latest move on her part is to toss aside her comments as insignificant misstatements. I beg to differ. They are part of a pattern of saying whatever is necessary to win. Just my thoughts, you be the judge…..