Some people have called Hillary Clinton a “monster,” among other names, but it sounds a little off-the-cuff when it comes from the opponent’s camp. Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Samantha Power let her guard down for a split second and put her foot in her mouth. During an interview with the Scotsman newspaper. Power, in what the newspaper called an “unguarded moment” said Clinton was stopping at nothing to catch up to Obama in the Democratic race. “She is a monster, too — that is off the record — she is stooping to anything.”

In essence, when she said “off the record” she tried to recant her comment. Of course, the newspaper had to cover itself by stating that nothing was off the record. The Scotsman said that Power, who was promoting her book, was established as “on the record” in advance. The newspaper wrote that it was “too late” for her to retract her comment. Helloo, tell her to get her foot out of her mouth. “The amount of deceit she has put forward is really unattractive,” she added.

Obama lost the Ohio, Texas and Rhode Island primaries to Clinton on Tuesday, and blamed his defeats in part on what he called negative campaigning. His campaign has indicated that it will escalate its attacks on Clinton in response. Okay, so Obama, Hillary may have engaged in negative campaigning, but punches she threw your way landed and stuck. You now have to dust yourself off and start swinging yourself. You don’t have to resort to shady campaign tactics, but as I have been stating relentlessly, Hillary Clinton has a lot of issues, you can have a field day. Remember, the campaign is no longer about speeches, it will be a credentials fight and I am sorry to say, the Clinton is good at that–good on the inside. They need to get key endorsements in Philadelphia today or they will blow it.
Before the election, Clinton tried to cast Obama as light on foreign policy experience, and criticized him over a report on a Canadian news network saying his advisers were floating the word that Obama’s threats to renegotiate NAFTA were just political rhetoric. I believe that the country is ready to elect a Democratic President because a vote for John McCain is a vote for a third term for George Bush. We can’t continue down this path with an unpopular policy, trade and budget deficit issues, deteriorating credit markets, sliding dollar, the war and I could go on and on. Come on DNC, please don’t blow a good opportunity.