It is a real shame that no-one really focuses attention on what has been going on in Haiti for as far back as I can remember. It is a travesty that there are poor people in Haiti eating mud cookies while food rots on the dock. Jonathan M. Katz and Jennifer Kay of the StarTribune wrote an article detailing the problems on the docks.

It is a down right shame that while millions of Haitians go hungry, containers full of food are stacking up in the nation’s ports because of government red tape, leaving tons of beans, rice and other staples to rot under a sweltering sun or be devoured by vermin.

The article has stated that a government attempt to clean up a corrupt port system that has helped make Haiti a major conduit for Colombian cocaine has added new layers of bureaucracy, and led to backlogs so severe that they are being felt 600 miles away in Miami, where cargo shipments to Haiti have ground almost to a halt.

I guess the government would rather see its poor resort to eating mud cookies, essentially depriving them of donated food. These mud cookies are made of dirt, salt and vegetable oil to satisfy their hunger. I have never heard of anything like this in my life. It seems to me that, though many food donations have been poured into Haiti, it never gets to the people who really need them.

An Associated Press investigation found the situation is most severe in Cap-Haitien, Haiti’s second-largest city. One recent afternoon, garbage men shoveled through a pile of rotting pinto beans that had turned gray and crumbled to dust as cockroaches and beetles scurried about. The men had found the putrid cargo by following the stench through stacked shipping containers to one holding 40,000 pounds of beans. It had been in port since November. The government would rather insects eat and bacteria take over rather than giving it to the people who most need it.

We need to shed light on what is going on in Haiti. For too long our government has literally ignored them in favor for countries that have something to offer the United States.