I remember a time when students respected their teachers, who generally play an integral role in helping to shape our lives. Naturally, I was very disappointed to read in the Press-Register that teenage sisters, Dykesha and Dynesha Harris, 17, were arrested and charged with second-degree assault and disorderly conduct. The twin sisters wielding broomsticks, a new weapon, attacked a Murphy High School teacher who was trying to break up a fight, Mobile police said. The girls are set for a bond hearing this morning before the same judge who is handling two criminal cases against their brother. Funny, the fruit doesn’t fall too far from the tree. I can well imagine the family life of these girls.

Police officers were called to the Midtown school about 7 a.m. Wednesday. School staff members reported that a disagreement between the twins and the two younger girls erupted into a battle near the art building. The twins armed themselves with broomsticks, according to police, while one of the younger girls brandished a glass perfume bottle and the other used a ceramic piggy bank as a weapon. Tyson said the brooms belonged to the school’s cleaning crew and one of the sticks may have had a scraping tool at the end of it.

Paramedics treated the teacher and three of the girls at the scene for minor injuries, Gallichant said. One girl had a head laceration and the teacher’s elbow was injured, said Marcie McNeal, a school system spokeswoman. Last year, Murphy Principal Doug Estle wanted the Harris twins to transfer to other schools after their brother, Dominick Harris, was accused of videotaping an attack on a 61-year-old English teacher in May. So, this seems to be regular territory for this family of thugs.

According to police, Harris used a cell phone camera to record another student ambushing the teacher outside her classroom and striking her with a powerful punch to her face. City Councilman Fred Richardson helped the twins’ mother get the girls back into Murphy. Richardson also sought unsuccessfully to intervene on behalf of Dominick Harris, who was expelled after the teacher assault. It gets better, Dominick Harris has been accused in another crime since the teacher assault last year. He remained jailed Wednesday on allegations of involvement in a March 11 drive-by shooting on Glenn Avenue.

This incident leads me to wonder what the family structure of these young people is like. It is a very telling sign that if these young people don’t wake up and get their acts together, they will undoubtedly find themselves as regular guests of the correctional facilities in their hometown. This is a shame. To strike a teacher was a definite no-no from my perspective. I know that this is controversial, but when I saw the article, I just knew these were black kids. It is a shame that these troublemakers have managed to live up to the very damning and insulting stereotypes that have dogged us for so many years. Come on Dominick, Dykesha and Dynesha Harris wake up. Don’t throw your lives away. Just my thoughts, you be the judge…..