This must be music to the Obama camp’s ears that according to Reuters,on Thursday that the furor was triggered by private remarks that Ian Brodie, Harper’s chief of staff, made to the CTV Television network last week about Clinton’s criticism of NAFTA. They said Brodie revealed someone from the Clinton campaign was “telling the embassy to take it with a grain of salt”. CTV investigated the remarks and then ran a story focusing on Obama, saying his adviser had privately told Canadian diplomats that a promise to reopen NAFTA was solely aimed at winning votes in the Ohio primary. If this is true, this was a costly mistake for Obama and a gift to Hillary Clinton.

I don’t think the matter will go away because in Parliament on Thursday, outraged opposition legislators pressed Prime Minister Harper for the dismissal of Brodie and rightly so.

“Does the prime minister accept that he must fire his chief of staff, not only for having bothered his boss but also for having shamed his country?” demanded deputy Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff.

A Clinton adviser said the furor had helped her win Tuesday’s primary contests in Texas and Ohio. CBC quoted an unnamed Obama adviser as saying the leak was “really, really stupid”. If this new revelation is true, Hillary owes Barack Obama an apology and actually, she probably needs to face the reality that her campaign is doomed. To be honest, with this new revelation, it is clear that the Clinton Team is untrustworthy and will do anything to win an election.

Stay tuned, there will be more to come……