Here we go again. Another elderly person has been gunned down in their own home. Sally Culpepper, 77, was described by one person as a woman full of spunk, full of energy, but mindful of her own mortality. What was ironic in this case was that Sally, a resident of the Mobile area, had just finished burial preparations for her death. Maybe she had a premonition that her days were seriously numbered. Nonetheless, her murder is a shame. Another person shot to death in their home. It seems to me that gun violence has been escalating across the country in alarming numbers.

Last week, she finalized arrangements to be buried alongside her husband, Moses Culpepper, a retired U.S. Postal Service worker who died in January at the age of 76. On Saturday, she was found shot to death in the kitchen of her Elmira Street home, police said.

Her son Jimmie Culpepper said that she was lying on the kitchen floor. She had been shot at least once. The refrigerator door was open. “She was still holding sausage in her hands,” he said. There were no signs of forced entry to her home, and she was unlikely to have opened the door to a stranger, he said.

On Monday, police spokesman Officer Eric Gallichant said Sally Culpepper’s newer-model Pontiac Grand Am was stolen from her home Saturday and found about 4 a.m. Sunday a few miles away at the Pride gas station on Dauphin Island Parkway at Halls Mill Road. “We are baffled,” Jimmie Culpepper said. “She didn’t deserve it.”

She died in the home that she and her husband built at 550 Elmira St., located off Broad and Texas streets, their son said. Sally Culpepper lived there for nearly 20 years, except for about a year and a few months during which she moved to Arkansas with him so he could receive cancer care.

This comes on the heels of Maggie Browder of Chicago who was gunned down as she looked out her window to see who rang her doorbell. So, it seems that our children and the elderly are under siege. Again, these people are often times victims of black-on-black crime perpetrated by gangs or just scumbags in general. When is this going to end? Surely we cannot continue down this path. We have home-grown terrorists wreaking havoc on innocent people. Just my thoughts, you be the judge……