I must admit, when I heard of Sean Levert’s passing, which was very untimely, I instantly wondered what series of events led up to this. Media reports are saying that he had to be physically restrained by jail guards shortly before he died. According to TMZ, staff at the Cuyahoga County Jail said that Levert was “out of control” and “hallucinating,” forcing them to place him in a restraining chair, because he was a danger to himself. The jail’s warden Kevin McDonough says Levert was cooperative and “went willingly” when jail staff bound his wrists and shackled his feet.

The Cuyahoga County Coroner tells us Levert’s body showed no signs of physical trauma, nor do they suspect foul play. They are currently awaiting toxicology results, which will take four to six weeks to come back.

Sean reportedly suffered from high blood pressure. In a statement issued yesterday, the Levert family says “There is no song that can capture the loss that we have in our hearts.” The family is reportedly asking the FBI to investigate what happened and rightly so. Again, my prayers are with this family as they deal with the blow from losing another son.