Say it ain’t so, but did the embattled Hillary Clinton, whose bid for the White House is fading fast, pull the race card in a recent interview with USA Today? Come on, Hillary, I thought Team Clinton was “above board and would not resort to underhanded behavior” to steal the nomination from Barack Obama? Of course, I jest, but in reality, Hillary Clinton’s actions are one of total desperation. I guess Team Clinton has realized that it is not on the verge of making history–the first husband and wife team to be President of America! I guess that really hurts but c’est le vie! Barack Obama has come off his North Carolina victory looking like the presumptive nominee, while Hillary Clinton is stubbornly dodging calls to drop out.

Of course, Team Clinton will not go quietly into the night and I was not surprised by her recent interview with USA Today. “I have a much broader base to build a winning coalition on,” she said in the interview. As evidence, Clinton cited an Associated Press article “that found how Sen. Obama’s support among working, hard-working Americans, white Americans, is weakening again, and how whites in both states who had not completed college were supporting me.””There’s a pattern emerging here,” she said. Yeah, you grasping at straws. Hillary people don’t like you and they don’t want you to be the next president of America.

Her blunt remarks about race came a day after primaries in Indiana and North Carolina dealt symbolic and mathematical blows to her White House ambitions. The bottom line is that many will consider her statements insulting and they have not served her well. It would have been much better if these comments were made by someone else, rather than Mrs. Clinton. Am I to assume, from her statements, that no other races work hard in this country? Last time I checked Barack Obama did receive a lot of white votes as well. I believe that he ultimately won in Indiana because she had basically counted him out. The results were pretty close and I cannot see how Hillary Clinton can brag that she won Indiana hands down.

Clinton rejected any idea that her emphasis on white voters could be interpreted as racially divisive. “These are the people you have to win if you’re a Democrat in sufficient numbers to actually win the election. Everybody knows that.”I guess she has basically written the black vote off and we are a non-issue to her at this point. But, in reality, she cannot win the presidency without black votes as well.

Even some of her supporters have blasted her recent comments. For example, Rep. Charles Rangel (D-Manhattan) slammed the comments. “I can’t believe Sen. Clinton would say anything that dumb,” Rangel told The NY Daily News as he headed to the House floor, where earlier he had embraced Obama. The bitter words came as both candidates looked ahead to West Virginia’s primary Tuesday and pressed their talking points – Clinton insisting she was in the race to win, while Obama argued he could have the nomination wrapped up when Oregon and Kentucky vote on May 20.

Barack Obama also seemed to offer both a carrot and a stick to Clinton, suggesting he might consider her as his running mate, but only once she’s out of the race. “She is tireless, she is smart, she is capable, so obviously she’d be on anybody’s short list,” Obama told CNN. “But it would be presumptuous of me at this point, when she is still actively running … for me to somehow suggest that she should be my running mate.” Yeah, she’s all that and a bag of chips, but is she the right match for such a position. I have no doubt that she could be a vice president, but Obama has long ran on the platform that the “old” Washington needs to go away. So, wouldn’t this seem hypocritical if he were to go back on his word? Or maybe he really needs her more than he’s letting on. I seriously doubt that. What Obama needs is a good military or foreign policy person who can bring a lot to the table. I would hate to see Team Clinton hanging around the White House again.

For what it is worth, Hillary Clinton is a fighter, sometimes a little dirty, but she fights. I think Team Clinton messed up and felt that the nomination was theirs. They underestimated teh American people and Barack Obama’s appeal. People are just tired of politics as usual and we need something fresh and new in Washington D.C. President Bill Clinton was off his game and the statements he maded about blacks cost them dearly. They thought it would have been all over after Super Tuesday back in February, not that was not to be. Had Hillary Clinton come out with the same intensity that she has now, back then, there is a really strong possibility that she could have been the nominee.

The lessons we have learned from this campaign is that you cannot underestimate your opponents and assume the race is yours to win. Secondly, you can’t play dirty and expect to score points and you cannot alienate one group of people at the expense of solidifying your bases with another. Thirdly, Hillary Clinton was caught in a major lie about Bosnia and it highlighted the fact that she is untrustworthy. That says a lot about a person. Lastly, she ran a bad campaign and the fact that she had problems managing her campaign’s financial affairs, tells me that we would have the same attitude in the White House. If you can’t take care of your campaign finances how can you take care of the financial affairs of the country. Look at what President Bush has done? No way would a Clinton or another Bush make it into the White House after that mess. Just my thoughts, you be the judge…..