The Daily Kos has sunk to a new low and it is representative of the racial tensions that are brewing in the this, exacerbated by the electoral process, which has pitted black against white. The fact that the Ku Klux Klan’s name has resurfaced is indeed troubling. What is ironic, is that many have said that the KKK was essentially an arm of the Democratic Party for most of its existence and that the only former Klan member in Congress is a Democrat, Senator Robert Byrd, who has endorsed Barack Obama. The Daily Kos stated that their depiction represents the new GOP strategy to win the White House. Did they really have to use that picture to make their point? No, they employed the same shock-and-awe tactic used by the Roswell Beacon in its depiction of Barack Obama in the crosshairs of a rifle. The atmosphere seems to be fraught with the feeling that he will meet the same fate as President John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert Kennedy.

To have Michelle Obama depicted in such a dehumanizing picture is insulting to every person in this country. Have we not learned from the days of racial unrest and riots in this country? Has Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s vision fell on deaf ears? What did Michelle Obama do to deserve this? It is a sad commentary that we cannot live in racial harmony in this country. The United States is trying to play the leader of the world, telling other countries what they can and cannot do, yet we have a myriad of problems in this country that need to be addressed immediately. There is such overt racism against Barack Obama for even daring to run for the office of the presidency and now it has trickled down to his wife. There are many wolves in sheep’s clothing in our midst and I would encourage them to stop hiding and show their faces. Let the real world see the type of bigots and racists still living in America, the “leader” of the free world.

So, it is okay to remind blacks in America of their darkest days of existence in America, when our young men were lynched and hung from trees. It is okay to revisit the Jim Crow days when we did not have a voice and were treated as property, not worth anything. How did this election get to that? How did the racial climate in America suddenly become a bubbling cauldron of simmering unrest?

As Clarence Thomas said during his confirmation hearings for his position on the Supreme Court, what occurred with Anita Hill was nothing more than a “high-tech lynching,” and I must say, what is going on in this country with Barack Obama seems to be bordering on just that. It is a shame that blacks now have to feel that they do not have the right to even think about running for the presidency, much less doing it as Obama has. This reinforces the fact that many would prefer to have a bumbling idiot such as George Bush occupy such a position because he met the skin color test–a white man. Funny how we have yet to hear Hillary Clinton come out and condemning the racists issues that are confronting us right now. That is very telling of just where her priorities are. Just my thoughts, you be the judge……