I know that the campaigns have to lighten up a little, but when I read this on The Swamp I was amazed at how much time Hillary Clinton’s campaign had for fun. Actually, I guess since the odds of a win for the nomination are stacked extremely high for her, then they must channel some of that extra energy else where, such as designing a knock-out t-shirt. But shouldn’t this have been done at the start of the campaign? It seems that the campaign has found another great role for Chelsea Clinton. According to the Swamp she told supporters in an e-mail (subject line: “An important decision…”) on Tuesday about this campaign assignment. “We need your help to make a critical decision,” the message begins; it ends with a thank-you for “everything you’re doing to help my mom.”

The five finalist designs include a riff on Hillary Clinton’s signature pantsuit, a tribute to “everyone who’s ever been counted out but refused to be knocked out” and a declaration that the Democratic presidential candidate “was for universal health care before universal health care was cool.” Curious? Then you can see the entire gallery here. Note: When you choose a favorite and enter your contact info, the link takes you, guess where? To a fundraising request, since the campaign is shaking out branches for money. So, there, I did my part for charity today!