I guess the school year went out with a bang at a Stone Mountain, Georgia Stephenson High School. Police reports said that a substitute teacher, Carolyn Jones, and a student at the school have been charged with disorderly conduct after a fight during class that was captured on video.

A DeKalb County school police report about the fight May 23 says that Jones, told officers she had been having problems with the student. She told police the student had threatened to pull off her wig.

Police said that the 52-year-old Jones kicked the student, which prompted the fight. The student was not identified. Jones and the student are shown in the above video slapping, grabbing and punching each other for at least a minute before a staff member breaks up the fight.

Okay, the teacher lost total control and let the student get under her skin. She kicked the student? How ladylike. I know that there are some kids that have no manners and engage in rude behavior, but why didn’t she go to the administrators of the school for assistance? I guess this about removes any chance of her being a substitute teacher again in the Atlanta school system. Self defense is one thing, but to actually engage in fighting a student over your wig being snatched is ridiculous. Girlfriend said touch my wig and we will go to blows. Too funny. Just my thoughts, you be the judge……