Another massacre has hit the news. A 34-year-old man, James Harrison, apparently shot and killed his five children in a mobile-home park in the Graham area of Pierce County, then drove to Auburn and killed himself, the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office said today. The children, ages seven through 16, were found dead late this afternoon after a relative saw one of the victims through a window. The seven-year-old was a boy and the others were girls, said sheriff’s spokesman Ed Troyer.

The father’s body had been found yesterday morning in a car in Auburn, about 3o miles south of Seattle. What this lunatic has done is just plain wrong, as the all the other sociopaths that think the whole world revolves around them, and take an innocent life. These children certainly did not deserve the cards they were dealt. According to the Penny Flansburg, the aunt of Angela Harrison, the children’s mother and wife of James Harrison, the children are Maxine, Samantha, Heather, Jamie and James. The father worked as a diesel mechanic, and the mother works at Wal-Mart, Flansburg said.

Troyer said investigators believe the children were killed by their father and he described the killings as a domestic-violence case. “There’s nothing that leads us to believe it wasn’t gunshot wounds and it wasn’t the father,” Troyer said, referring to the way the children were killed and the belief by investigators that the father killed them. “Unfortunately, through no fault of their own, there are five kids who are victims and are now dead,” Troyer said.

The identities of the children and father were not disclosed. Authorities have found the mother; she was with the sheriff’s department chaplain Saturday night. Her name also wasn’t released tonight. Source: Seattle Times

This incident is the fourth Western Washington mass slaying in the past three years and the third one in the United States in two days. This is simply shocking and reprehensible. I will update with the name of the victims as soon as they are released by law enforcement.