This story is one reason why I wonder whether the NAACP’s usefulness has come and gone
. This civil rights organization always seems to be focusing on the wrong things. They are handling today’s issues of race and diversity like they did half a century ago, proving that they seem unable to change with the times.

I’m sure I’ll ruffle a lot of feathers with my comments here, but the NAACP has yet to prove their usefulness in the 21st century. Instead they serve more as an organization that exists to serve the black political machine in various chapters around the country.

Why on earth are they seeking to ban a flag?

The flag is a mere symbol of the hate, but I must ask is the removal of the flag going to make these ignorant groups hate minorities any less?

People need to learn not to be distracted by this type of silliness. Instead, I would personally like to see more focus on the issues that are destroying the community from within. These are the problems that are truly affecting the community. Let’s focus on education, violence, and the apparent systematic destruction of the family.

Progress can be made if we turn our attention to the things that we can affect. These ignorant fools will be marching and waving their flags from now to kingdom come. And it’s unrealistic to allow ourselves to be so distracted by what they are doing that we fail to focus on what we should be doing.

Let’s face it. Crime and other internal issues within the black community have destroyed far more lives than a bunch of hicks waving Confederate flags!

More from the story:

“HOMESTEAD — The NAACP and other civil rights groups have joined black Homestead residents in seeking to ban the Confederate flag and groups that support it from city-sanctioned festivities.

”That flag is flown to strike fear in people, and it’s no different than a swastika being displayed in front of Jews,” said Brad Brown, vice president of the Miami-Dade NAACP.

The issue came to a head on Nov. 11 during the 2008 Homestead/Florida City Chamber of Commerce parade, when organizers allowed Confederate army organizations to participate in Veterans Day ceremonies and display Confederate flags.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) marched in the parade. Some rode atop vehicles emblazoned with Confederate states’ banners; others walked with Confederate battle flags.

The demonstration outraged black residents.

City officials said they did not organize the parade. Parade organizers, who are linked to the local chamber of commerce, defended their right to display the flag.” Source: Miami Herald