A while back we did a story on Twitter, the latest social networking craze. I must admit that it is easy to become enthralled with perusing the microblogs of people you know as well as complete strangers.

Now it seems that celebrities have also begun to tweet their lives away; From the sublime to clashes with the law:

“Particularly interesting is the trend of instant-update personal journalism – tweeting during, say, plane crashes in Denver or the Hudson River miracle in New York City and even from the scene of the Mumbai terrorist attacks earlier this year. So perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising to find that rapper Jim Jones broke out his BlackBerry during a traffic stop to chronicle his arrest on Twitter Monday night in New Jersey.

Jones, no stranger to a view behind bars lately thanks to an alleged scrap with a friend of R&B singer Ne-Yo in New York and possibly being part of an argument that ended in gunfire last month in Detroit, fell victim to the worst of all possible hip hop crimes this time, though – a warrant for an old traffic ticket. The man best known for ‘We Fly High (Ballin’)’ got jacked for his $120 worth of oversight in Teaneck. The rapper posted bail and was scheduled for a Tuesday court hearing on the matter.” Source: The Chicago Sun-Times

So I’ve got to know, do you use Twitter?

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