We told you earlier that missing California 8-year-old, Sandra Cantu, was found dead in an irrigation pond. Now we learn that the home and church of a local pastor have been searched by the police:

“The Clover Road Baptist Church on West Clover Road is just down the street from where Sandra lived at the Orchard Estates Mobile Home Park in Tracy. The church was cordoned off by yellow police tape today as officers awaited a search warrant. No arrests have been made.

Police Sgt. Tony Sheneman said investigators planned to search the church in conjunction with a search of a residence in the mobile home park. Neighbors said the home being searched was that of the pastor.” Source: SanFrancisco Chronicle

I am speechless at the latest turn of events in this case. Of course all suspects are innocent until found guilty, but to think that a pastor could have had something to do with this act is unfathomable!