Taking into account the news cycles of major newspapers,blogs an new channels; a lot of “news” that makes the news all has to do with who the people are and are not. In this week’s news:

1. Ryan Moats, the running back for the Houston Texans. His story would have
never made the news cycle had he been a regular "Joe Blow.". Instead, because
he's an NFL athlete, the bad decision made by the officer to detain him made
national news. I know this happens everyday in America. Police officers using
discrepancy in making decisions and depending upon the person/people, they make
poor decisions. Happens all the time. I guarantee it.

2. A man loosing everything he has for dog fighting. I'm not defending Michael
Vick at all but I guarantee had he been a regular "Joe Blow," he would have
received a slap on the wrist fine and sent on his way. But because he "was" a star
athlete, he has been degraded to the lowest level society can make him, a
convict making $.12 an hour as a janitor. Broke, busted and disgusted.

3. Madonna attempting to adopt another child from Africa. If Madonna were not
a famous white woman, their would be no say in her adopting a black child from a
country that has 2 million orphans. I do wonder why she wants to adopt black
kids and from Africa. You have black kids right here in America in every major
city that is poor and could benefit from a descent family and home. Why go all the way
to Africa?

This needs to be in the news but did not get in on the cycle/spin:

1. Kathleen Sebelius should have been in the news. Once again, those that are
elected to enforce the laws and the constitution are the people who think the
laws do not pertain to them. Why is it not a big deal that all these government
officials have not or do not pay their taxes.

With the country being in a financial downward spiral, I think if we investigate
Congress, the House, Governors and other elected officials, we just might get
enough money to lower our national deficit. But that's only if we can get it to
make the news cycle.