Apparently the White House mistakenly distributed a phone sex number to journalists. When the conference call number was dialed, the participants were greeted by a seductive female voice requesting a credit card number from callers who”feel like getting nasty.” They were supposed to be listening to a briefing call with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and National Security Advisor Jim Jones to discuss the NATO summit.
I agree that it was stupid for FOX News to cover this as a bonafide news story. However, the folks at the White House really need to be more careful in order to stop giving ammunition to critics who are happy to yell incompetence:
“In a press release, the White House accidentally listed a phone sex number for journalists seeking an ‘on-the-record briefing call with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton a

Journalists seeking to talk a little foreign policy with high-profile Obama administration officials live from the G20 meetings in London this week were solicited for phone sex instead after ringing up the toll-free number given by the White House.

After several efforts to make sure that the phone number was correctly dialed, a call to the White House resulted in a corrected press release. “If you are having trouble dialing into the call, please try this number as an alternative,” and listed the international line included for reporters abroad to dial.

By this time, the conference call was already under way.

Asked for comment about this mishap, Deputy White House Press Secretary Bill Burton responded: “A corrected phone number on a press release is probably one of the stupider things FOX News has covered lately.” Source: Fox News