It is amazing that all RNC Chairman Michael Steele could find to talk about President Barack Obama’s address to Congress was to state that it was “bad form” and “a political tool” for him to talk about a letter he received from the late Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA). Wow, is he that daft?

“I’m sorry, but I just felt a bit unnerved by it, in the sense he just passed,” said Steele. “His wife was still clearly emotional,” Steele added. “I just thought that was bad form. We all understand and appreciate the role Sen. Kennedy has played in this debate and the passion he brought to health care. I just thought that was a little bit much for me, so soon after his death, using that as a political tool.” Source: Talking Points Memo

Steele also seemed to be under the impression that this was a surprise to Vicki Kennedy and that it was some kind of coincidence that she’d been invited to sit as a guest of Michelle Obama during a speech. Wow, this was only one of her late husband’s biggest political issues. This is the leader of the RNC? Wow.

That just shows you how out of touch and ignorant Michael Steele is. It is common knowledge that the president and Sen. Kennedy were very close and the contents of the letter were meant to show the urgency of getting health care reform passed. That was an issue of paramount importance to Ted Kennedy.