A black rookie Arlington, TX, police officer, Jillian Michelle Smith, shot and killed after responding to domestic violence call at apartment complex.

Officer Jillian Michelle Smith, 24, was shot and killed Tuesday night, after responding to a domestic violence report at an apartment complex in Arlington, TX. Kimberly Deshay Carter, 29, and Barnes Samuel Nettles, 38, were also found dead at the scene. This is such a sad turn of events. Very rarely you hear of a female police officer being murdered. Smith was a rookie officer, who had graduated from the Arlington Police Academy in February and completed her field training on Dec. 13th. She graduated from Seguin High School in 2005 and received a bachelor’s degree in criminology from the University of Texas at Arlington in August 2009, the Star-Telegram said. Such a sad end to a promising life.

Officer Jillian Michelle Smith, 24, had been dispatched about 7:30 p.m. Tuesday night to take a domestic violence report at the Arbrook Park Apartments in the 3800 block of Mahonia Way, near Interstate 20 and Collins Street.

Police spokeswoman Tiara Richard said the suspect in that reported offense was not expected to be at the apartments. After a second call reported shots at the complex about 8 p.m., police found the officer and two other people — a male and female — dead inside an apartment, Richard said.

Arlington Police identified the other two involved as Kimberly Deshay Carter, 29, and Barnes Samuel Nettles, 38.They also did not say whether the assailant was among the dead. Source: Dallas Morning News

I guess the question that is pressing for me is why this officer was sent to a domestic violence scene alone? Shouldn’t there have been another officer present? Not that it would save her life, but it would mean she had some back-up. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Jillian Smith.

UPDATE#1: Just as I had expected, the killer has a lengthy criminal record. According to the Dallas Morning News, Nettles, who is black, is no stranger to a prison cell.

The newspaper said there were prior incidents with Carter’s family. He was arrested by Arlington police on Sept. 27 on two warrants for allegedly assaulting Carter’s sister and her mother on Sept. 14. There was also a call to the apartment in August regarding a threat. A court date was pending, police said.

In 1997, Nettles pled guilty and was convicted of second degree rape of a child in Tacoma, Washington. No details were available about the offense but court records note that it is defined as a “kidnapping offense.” In 2008, he was convicted of failing to register as a sex offender in Washington State. In June 2010, he was released from supervision by the department of corrections though he was still required to register as a sex offender. He registered as a sex offender in Arlington on Aug. 17, according to Richard. Source: Dallas Morning News

Barnes Nettles is a real POS and a scumbag rolled into one. Again, why any judge let this man out on the streets to terrorize this woman is beyond me. He was a threat and not in any shape or form rehabilitative.