Every year MinistryWatch.com puts out a list of ministries Donor Alerts watch for various reasons, that are often shady. Well, surprise, surprise, Creflo Dollar, Eddie L. Long, Frederick Price and Kenneth Copeland (Dollar’s mentor) has made the list:

All Gods Creatures Shelter
Benny Hinn
Bishop Eddie Long
Bread of Life Mission
Breakthrough Ministries
Creflo Dollar Ministries
Crystal Cathedral Ministries
Eastland Praise and Worship
Ever Increasing Faith Ministries
Ezekiel’s House
Feed the Children
Greater St. James Holiness Community
Inspirational Network (INSP)
Joel Osteen Ministries
Kenneth Copeland Ministries
Leroy Jenkins/ Healing Waters Cathedral
Mike Murdock/ The Wisdom Center
Morris Cerullo World Evangelism
Paula White Ministries
Prophetic Image Expressions/ Kim Clement
RHEMA/ Kenneth Hagin Ministries
Success N Life/ SNL/ Robert Tilton
TBN/ Trinity Broadcasting Network
TD Jakes Ministries/ Potters House of Dallas
Tony Alamo Christian Ministries
White Dove Fellowship
Without Walls International Church/ Randy White
World-Wide Missions

Before you give these ministries your hard-earned money, take the time to visit MinistryWatch.com to get more information. If they can’t be transparent with how they are spending your money, then why support them?