Prosecutor Linda Drane Burdick is crushing the defense’s argument in the murder trial of Casey Anthony. She said no mother grieves in that manner for a dead child unless they are guilty. She said the “disposal of Caylee’s body spoke volumes about Casey felt about her daughter.” She also said there was no way her father, George Anthony, could have been so diabolical to throw his daughter under a bus, as a co-conspirator. The prosecution is playing Casey Anthony profanity-laced telephone call from jail to her parents. This was a brilliant move on the part of the prosecutors to leave the jury with. She said there’s nothing that can’t explain Casey Anthony’s behavior — pathological liar and cares only about speaking with her boyfriend, Tony Lazarro. If this was an accident, the body would be at the pool, not at a dump. Wow, that was powerful.

Casey Anthony is shaking her head about her father’s involvement, but let’s be clear as the prosecutor said, her parents didn’t have access to the car all the time, as evidenced from Casey telling them she was in Jacksonville, Tampa and all over the place. The girl deserves to be gassed. Prosecutor: “Whose life was better without Caylee? Was Cindy Anthony’s life better? Casey Anthony would have you believe it’s all her mother’s fault.” Prosecutor now playing Cindy Anthony’s 911 phone call during which she is hysterically crying and saying there’s been a dead body in the damn car. The prosecutor ended her rebuttal by showing a picture of Casey Anthony partying and the tattoo Bella Vita,” Beautiful Life,” on her shoulder. The case now goes to the jury. Defense now moving for mistrial, saying that comments made by the prosecution during rebuttal were false. That will not happen. Judge Perry denied motion for mistrial. Linda Drane Burdick gave a solid rebuttal filled with passion and fire. Good job! Watch Linda Drane Burdick’s closing arguments:

Casey Anthony beats murder and aggravated manslaughter, as well as child abuse charges.

Linda Drane Burdick for Attorney General for state of Florida despite verdict!