Pastor Zachery Tims, 42, found dead in room at W Hotel in New York City. Cause of death unknown pending results of an autopsy.

Pastor Zachery Tims Found Dead in NYC W Hotel (NDCC)

SHOCK: Pastor Zachery Tims, pastor of the New Destiny Christian Center in Apopka, Fla., was found unresponsive Friday in his room at the W Hotel in New York City’s Times Square at about 6 p.m. Emergency responders pronounced him dead a short time later. The results of an autopsy are pending. You will recall there was drama in his private life when he and his wife Riva Tims divorced in 2009. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family.

COMMENTARY: Did Pastor Zachery Tims commit suicide or could this have been an accidental overdose or is he being set up in death? No matter how you view this situation, this is a tragedy of untold proportions. I know God grants forgiveness to those who ask and everyone deserves a second chance when they have fallen, but no healthy young man just drops dead. Something is definitely amiss here. The church is in damage control mode and, quite frankly, I don’t blame them. Pastor Tims brought disgrace to his name and his family by engaging in an extra-marital affair for a year with a nasty, filthy stripper, Judy Nguyen. He could have given his wife a sexually transmitted disease. He stepped down from his church for three stinking months after he was caught in the act. Three months of counselling, possibly from reprobate pastors like himself, probably can’t cure anyone from sexual addiction.

Riva Tims’ decision to divorce her husband went far deeper than the affair with the stripper. He must have had a habit of cheating on her. From what I heard, from a well-placed source, he fathered a child with a young white woman, as well. I am sure there are tales from this man’s lifestyle that will make your toes and fingers curl. But God is a good God and a forgiving God, but He never said there are no consequences for sin. I don’t know what the outcome of Zachery Tims toxicology testing will be, but the NYPD is awful tight-lipped about the “white powder” they reportedly found in his pocket. Cops can identify cocaine and other types of drugs on sight and on smell. They know exactly what they are dealing with. This doesn’t look good for Zachery Tims and the church can spin it all they want, you just don’t end drug addiction by so-called “divine intervention,” you have to want to break the chains of bondage. This is a wake-up call to other pastors out there, whether they are good pastors or rogue pastors.

There are far too many false preachers misleading their congregations in the name of the “prosperity gospel” and religious double-speak. God is going to pull the cloak of deception off those pulpits across this world and there will be more pastors who will be found out. These modern-day cult leaders are no different from Jim Jones and David Koresh. They are playing dangerous games with God’s people through adulterous relationships with men, women, girls and boys; in it for the material gain — the Bentleys, Rolls Royces, ultra-expensive mansions and so on; drug use and other illicit activities, all at the expense of their congregations. Let’s not forget my God is Omnipresent — sees all and hears all. The veil will come off eventually and the truth will be revealed. So, which side do you want to be one when the wrath of God is unleashed on this Earth?

Tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone, so walk right or your sins will overtake you and bring disgrace to your name and your family. Eddie L. Long repent and walk right or your day is coming. Just like your mentor Bishop Earl Paulk. To all those men out there abusing their wives and significant others, let this be a lesson to you that your life can be ended in the blinking of an eye. Death isn’t pleasant by any means, particularly when one is taken away so quickly. I am saddened that Zachery Tims will never see his children grow up, go to college, get married and have their own children. We must stop for a moment and recognize that there is a power greater than each of us and we MUST strive to walk right and live right. The Bible never said we can’t make mistakes, but a 12 month or 13 year extramarital affair isn’t a mistake. It was intentionally done over a period of time to satisfy the flesh. The sex, lies and pain don’t just go away and aren’t without consequence. Each of us needs to examine our lives for areas where we have fallen short. Resolve to be better people today. Don’t let your story in death be overshadowed by your missteps in life. You can’t sugar-coat facts and dance around the truth. I will continue to pray for the family and church of Zachery Tims. They deserve God’s mercies and grace in this time of bereavement. Someone said he has gone home to meet his Jesus, well, that he has but I wonder in what capacity?

URGENT: Autopsy for Pastor Zachery Tims inconclusive. More tests will have to be done to determine cause of death, according to NYC medical examiner.