The new report from the U.S. Census Bureau stating 1 in 6 Americans is living in poverty is not good for the nation’s state of mind. Years of wars and Bush era tax cuts for the wealthy among us have finally caught up with us. To paraphrase my grandmother ‘our chickens have come home to roost’. The economic instability we now face is further compounded by a national sense of hopelessness. Most people today are suffering from a lack of hope that the economy will improve or that things will ever get better.

In light of President Obama’s job bill and his speech this morning asking Republicans annd democrats to cooperate, is a turn in the right direction. But what I want to focus on is the number of Americans earning a million dollars or more who should pay their fair share of taxes. A few weeks ago, a startled Warren Buffett said he’s paying less taxes than the people who work in his office. He suggested wealthy Americans pay their fair share. When you look at the country, it makes you wonder whose idea was it anyway for wealthy persons not to pay taxes based on how much they earn. I mean, doesn’t it seem to make common sense to pay your share? The reality is if we all do not pay our taxes, the America we have come to know will not exist any more. I cannot for the life of me understand the reluctance on the part of some politicians to accept the fact that failure to pay up now will have dire consequences later.

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