Protesters planning to swarm BART Powell Street station September 8th as part of “Spare the Fare” campaign in an aim to shutdown the BART police department.

Protesters are set to swarm the BART system September 8th as part of the “Spare the Fare” campaign, that will undoubtedly test the limits of the transit system. The details are covered on the “Day of Rage” website.

So exactly what is “Spare the Fare?”

We are calling on anarchists, anti-authoritarians, and radicals (and everyone else) to step up for our “SPARE THE FARE” BART action, this Thursday at 5:00 PM at Powell Street Station. We have one demand, which is that the BART police department be shutdown.

You will recall an unarmed black man, Oscar Grant II, was shot and killed by former BART officer Johannes Mehserle, who was essentially given a slap on the wrist for his actions.

We are not endorsing this behavior, we just want our readers to know about what is going to take place today on Powell Street.