Three teens, Christopher Wyma, Mohammad Salahat & Ehab Qasem charged with first degree murder in deaths of suburban Chicago couple John and Maria Granat, whose son, John Granat is already facing murder in their deaths.

Ehab Qasem; Mohammad Salahat and Christopher Wyma charged with two counts of
first-degree murder in connection with the Sept. 10 deaths of John and Maria Granat. (Sun Times)

Christopher Wyma, Mohammad Salahat, both 17, and Ehab Qasem, 19, were charged with first degree murder in the deaths of suburban Chicago couple Maria and John Granat, whose son, John Granat, 17, is already facing murder charges in their deaths. He was charged in September with beating his father to death and stabbing his mother to death. Authorities said the three teens are either friends or classmates of John Granat. They are expected to appear in court Tuesday. All three reportedly gave detailed, videotaped confessions and led investigators to a knife, baseball bats, bloody clothing and cash taken from the victims.