It’s breast cancer awareness month and it’s the time when we remember women who have paid the ultimate price with their lives in the fight against breast cancer. It was my turn recently to submit to my doctor’s order for a mammogram. I became fully aware of my body when my doctor said, it’s time for a check- up. I was reluctant,but then I thought , I feel my boobies, so I’m fine. In truth, I do feel my boobies, I do the monthly self exam when you examine your breasts for anything unsual. There is no history of breast cancer in my family, but you can never take anything for granted. You have to test and allow yourself to be examined, do your own self exam monthly and if you find anything unusual, go to your doctor. Ladies please feel your boobies.

Some years ago, a woman I knew found a lump in her breast and against her doctor’s advice refused a mastectomy. Her excuse was her husband would not find her attractuve enough with just one breast. Unfortunately, the cancer spread and within a short period of time, she was gone. Saddened by her death her husband passed away one year later. I have never forgotten her face and how filled with life she was. I made a chocice from then on to always feel my boobies and to keep praying for a cure.

This brings to mind, why I wanted to write about this in the first place. On arriving for my appointment at the place to be tested, I was greeted by a kind and compassionate technician. I expressed my hesitation about subjecting my breasts , a delicate part of my anatomy to an uncomfortable procedure. She was kind and explained her mastery of the technique would reduce any discomfort I would experience . I asked the sixty four thousand dollar question that had been burnning at the back of my mind: What about women with breast implants, do they get tested? She said yes, however the implant hides a portion of the tissue from being exposed to the x-ray machine, so if there is a lump it cant’ be seen.

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