Mega-Church Pastor Noel Jones Reportedly Dating “Player’s Club” Stripper Actress Lisa Raye McCoy, Ex-Wife of Turks & Caicos Disgraced Premier Michael Misick.

Bishop Noel Jones, pastor of mega-church City of Refuge, founder of Noel Jones Ministries and the brother of Grace Jones, is engaged to Lisa Raye McCoy, according to media reports. Under normal circumstances we wouldn’t care, but Lisa Raye, who is best known as stripper Diamond, in the movie, Player’s Club, and was also tangled up in some drama in the Turks & Caicos, during her stint as Mrs. Michael Misick, wife of former premier, Michael Misick. It’s interesting that a prominent pastor such as Noel Jones would lay his hat in Lisa Raye’s bedroom. You know this isn’t a celibate relationship, if true. So, Bishop Jones is fornicating.

If I remember correctly, Lisa Raye was deemed persona non grata in Turks & Caicos because she was nothing more than a diva, who didn’t take her role as first lady of the island seriously. She rubbed a lot of people there the wrong way. Besides, her marriage to Michael Misick, who literally plundered his country, was chock full of infidelity and allegations of abuse.

Lisa Raye is currently starring in VH1’s Single Ladies, which is created and produced by Queen Latifah. We also heard this isn’t the first time Bishop Jones has had a relationship with someone we consider a tad bit trifling — Nene Leakes is a name that has been tossed around. We should also remind you that Lisa Raye McCoy has also “dated” Rev. Al Sharpton. Well, reportedly and he denied it.

Sorry, but the idea of a pastor, any pastor, dating Lisa Raye McCoy is ridiculous and hilarious at the same time. Lisa Raye was a joke as the First Lady of the Turks & Caicos and she will be equally hilarious as the First Lady of the City of Refuge.


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