Right Wing Blogger Keith Koffler Calls Out Obama for Saying Public School Students Behind in Math & Science.

Right wing blogger Keith Koffler over at White House Dossier is “calling out” President Barack Obama for “dissing” American public school students during his trip to Australia. But it’s laughable, at best, that Koffler has a problem with Obama telling students in Australia that students in the U.S. have “fallen behind” when it comes to math and science. Um, isn’t that a fact? You can’t put perfume on a pig and expect it to smell like roses. Obama also said he wants to reform the public school.

Let me preface my comments by saying President Obama and his wife send their children to an exclusive Washington D.C. private school to the tune of $30,000 a year, but he wouldn’t be the first president to do so nor will he be the last. Here’s an excerpt from Koffler’s screed:

There’s an unwritten rule in politics that politicians must not criticize the president when they are overseas. How about adding America’s school kids to the list of untouchables?


Obama also asserted that poor children don’t get “support they need when they’re very young’’ and are “already behind’’’ when they enter grammar school, according to a press pool report.


One might feel uncomfortable saying many types of unpleasant things about our country to people overseas. But then, one would have to be an American exceptionalist. Source

Mr. Koffler, you can’t have it both ways. The truth is the American public education system is a mess, a hot mess, caused by both parties. President Obama is perfectly right in saying we are falling behind other countries. It is a fact, not an opinion clouded by his “liberal” way of thinking. This is further proof that the right wing loves to present a facade of whatever reality they are trying to elude. In case he hasn’t noticed, American public education is weak and bordering on disgraceful, considering we are such a superpower. Click here to get a bird-eye view into the math and science scores and you’ll see why Keith Koffler is a hypocrite and a sorry one at that.