Once upon a time there was a parent who loved a child, a child who loved a parent, a friend who loved a friend, a man who loved a woman, a woman who loved a man.

One day, the parent, child, friend, woman, man, discovered that the person they loved, the beloved, had a huge problem, a problem that held the beloved in demonic clutches of such magnitude that they would not (or would not) admit that they were in bondage to that thing, or anything like that thing.

The more the parent, child, friend, man, woman, tried to make the beloved see the magnitude of the problem and what it was doing to the relationship, the more the beloved pulled away.

Time passed and the parent, child, friend, man, woman, became more and more angry and frustrated, lashing out each time the problem took control of the beloved. Each time the beloved ignored the tantrums and the threats, preferring the companionship of the problem to the love of the parent, child, friend, man, woman.

The days passed and the confrontations became even more agitated and angry, but the problem remained, enemy of the one who loved, cherished by the one beloved.

One day, the parent, child, friend, man woman grew weary of wrestling with the beloved over the problem but did not know how to move out from under the shadow of the problem when a still small voice spoke two words: “Be still!” In that moment the quiet strength of that voice removed the weight of the problem from the back of the one who loved.

The voice continued, “You can be concerned, but you do not have to care anymore.”

The one who loved was a little confused and replied, “Isn’t concern and care the same thing.?

“No,” the still, small voice replied, “Concern means you have a heart for the well-being of the one you love; care brings with it anxiety and worry, a state that keeps your soul in constant turmoil. You can be concerned but you do not have to care.”

Today, the parent, child, friend, man, woman is still concerned about the well being of the beloved, but they do not care anymore, and that has made all the difference in the life of the parent, child, friend, man, woman who have learned to declare, “i am concerned, but I do not care.”

King James 2000 Bible (©2003)
Psalm 46:10
Be still, and know that I am God

Weymouth New Testament
1 Peter 5:7
Throw the whole of your anxiety upon Him, because He Himself cares for you.