Herman Cain hasn’t seen wife, Gloria Cain, since Ginger White adultery scandal broke, says he expects to see her in person on Friday.

Herman Cain hasn’t seen his wife, Gloria Cain, and his family to discuss the allegations of Ginger White that the two carried on a 13 year consensual affair. Um, if you love your wife so much, wouldn’t you drop everything and go home to address the problem, considering it could have far-reaching ramifications for your marriage? Cain said he had only spoken to his wife by telephone and expects to see her in person on Friday. Yeah, I hope he has a good explanation for why he was sending text messages to Ginger White in the wee hours of the morning and as recent as last month.

Cain’s attorney Lin Wood sent a letter to Ms. White’s attorney seeking her cell phone records. Um, why couldn’t they go directly to the phone carrier and subpoena the records? Do they honestly believe this woman doctored all those records? Why not get the records for their trips and lavish gifts from Herman Cain? Mr. Wood, start with the Ritz Carlton in Buckhead. I guess we should expect to hear from T.J. Ward as well.

He professes his undying commitment and love for Gloria Cain and his deep commitment to family. Well, this is a family crisis and it needed to be addressed in person the day they got wind of Ginger White and the possibility she would start talking. This proves once again Herman Cain doesn’t know what his priorities are and how to get things done. Sorry, this isn’t the change we can believe in from a GOP presidential hopeful. Family first, politics and job second. Herman Cain doesn’t get that. Wait, how could I forget, he has a lot of things “twirling around in his head.” Well, next…..

UPDATE #1 (12/01/11 8:40 P.M.):  Well, what do you know, Gloria Cain didn’t know anything about Ginger White until she broke her story earlier this week. Mrs. Cain had no idea her husband was helping another woman financially. Wow, I’d love to have a front row seat to his meeting with his wife Friday. That should be very interesting. Herman Cain also told the New Hampshire Union Leader that he was considering dropping out of the race, but was continuing with campaign obligations for now. So, here’s my question, if Mrs. Cain had no knowledge of Ginger White, couldn’t the same hold true for Karen Kraushaar and Sharon Bialek? Also, couldn’t the argument be made that she didn’t have a clue what her husband was doing when he was traveling? Seems she was a stay-at-home Mom in more ways than one. No matter how you view this, Herman Cain will become our next president when donkeys fly. In other words, NEVER.

UPDATE#2 (12/01/11 9:12 p.m.): Piers Morgan just called Herman Cain’s attorney Lin Wood naive for saying his client doesn’t have to discuss his personal life in the media and it should have no bearing on his decision to run for the presidency. Um, really? Lin Wood is just as crazy as Herman Cain. He’s blaming the media for the mess Herman Cain is in. How many men give money to another woman behind their wives back freely with no strings attached? Seems to me like Lin Wood also has some crazy stuff twirling around in his head.