Kobe Bryant’s divorce is reportedly tied to Kim Kardashian’s friend Carla DiBello. Several websites are claiming Carla DiBello, 27, has been a little too close for comfort with Kobe Bryant for the last couple years. She has also reportedly been seen courtside at Lakers games. Um, this isn’t sitting too pretty with Vanessa Bryant, who stands to get a half of Kobe Bryant’s assets accumulated during their nearly 11 year marriage. She will essentially get the last laugh.

On a serious note, this is sad. Nobody wants to see a couple divorce, but I guess you can only take but so much bullsh*t. It’s a sad commentary that these jump-offs seem to think they are the wives and should be treated as such. If these allegations are true, Carla DiBello should be ashamed of herself, engaging in an adulterous relationship, but then again, they usually have no shame. Nobody bothers to think about the effect on the children caught in the middle.

UPDATE#1 (12/19/11):  TMZ is reporting that the basketball wives of the NBA did Kobe Bryant in by feeding Vanessa Bryant information that eventually led to the divorce filing. Kobe Bryant’s teammates were reportedly blabbing to their wives about his escapades, which seemed to have increased in frequency and boldness. To those women who blabbed, you better watch your men too. Your day is coming.