The Boston Globe endorses former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman instead of former Gov. Mitt Romney as the best Republican presidential candidate to run against President Barack Obama. Huntsman announced the endorsement Thursday night at a town hall meeting in New Hampshire. This is particularly important because the newspaper has subscribers in New Hampshire and Huntsman is counting on a strong finish in Tuesday upcoming primary. It should also be noted that the Boston Globe endorsed John McCain over Mitt Romney in 2007. The newspaper said “for vision and national unity,” Jon Huntsman is the candidate!

The Boston Globe says “Romney and Huntsman are the only GOP candidates who stand out as presidential. But it says Huntsman is bold while Romney is cautious and tries to appease enough constituencies to get elected.

I would venture to say Jon Huntsman is a far more conservative candidate than Mitt Romney and doesn’t have a history of flip-flopping. In endorsing Huntsman, the Globe said, “Dissatisfaction with the economy, expressed in spasms of anger toward Wall Street and Washington; the dashed hopes of many who believed that Barack Obama’s election would create a new spirit of unity; and genuine uncertainty about Democratic health care reform – all of these have created an historic opportunity for the Republican Party.” Well, it was a Republican administration that got us in this mess and unless we start holding our elected officials accountable we will always have a hot mess on our hands.