Christopher Moorhouse Who Tossed Banana at Black NHL Player Wayne Simmonds Hit with $200 Fine

Christopher Moorhouse, the man who tossed a banana at black  Philadelphia Flyers forward Wayne Simmonds during a preseason game in Ontario, pleaded guilty Monday and was fined $200, the NY Daily News reports.

Christopher Moorhouse claims his actions weren’t racially motivated, but because he simply wanted to keep Simmonds from scoring against his team, the Red Wings.  Really? So, he happened to have a banana on hand to throw at the black player? Sorry, that doesn’t pass the smell test.

Of course, since this was a pre-season game, it was virtually worthless and there was no need for the drama from Christopher Moorhouse. The Red Wings won the game 4-3. Christopher Moorhouse was charged with engaging in a prohibited activity, too bad he wasn’t hit with a hate crime.