Southern-Style Chef Paula Deen has Diabetes, But is Anyone Really Surprised?

Is anyone really surprised to learn that Southern cooking personality Paula Deen has diabetes? What’s surprising is that she is just learning she has the condition. This is the same woman who dished on Michelle Obama’s appearance on her show, saying she was eating just about everything. Um, Paula Deen is learning a hard lesson — her dishes will literally kill you. When you have someone pushing the Brunch Burger, which is donuts for buns topped bacon, egg and a beef patty, you might as well walk into oncoming traffic because you are one heart attack for a morgue.

Paula Deen, a Food Network personality will go public with her condition soon, according to a report on The Daily website. What’s she going to say? Channel Steve Urkel and say “did I do that?” The Daily report, which cites an anonymous source saying Deen is “going to have to start cooking healthier recipes,” and will soon become the celebrity endorser for a pharmaceutical company.  Um, you think?

Paula Deen’s affinity to rich ingredients is almost suicidal and you have people who swear by her recipes. Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain told TV Guide Paula Deen was “the worst, most dangerous person to America.” I won’t joke about her illness because diabetes some people are genetically predisposed to the illness. But Paula Deen is sending the wrong message to America about its relationship with food.