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Tragedy on Mediterranean Sea: Costa Concordia Cruise Ship Runs Aground, Capsizes Leaving 3 Dead, 70 Missing (Wikipedia)

BREAKING NEWS:  Fears grow for survivors who were on board cruise liner Costa Concordia that ran aground and overturned off Italy’s west coast. Three people have been confirmed dead, while about 70 passengers are still missing, BBC reports. There were also approximately 129 Americans among the 4,200 passengers on board the ship. The ship overturned after water rushed through a 160-foot-gash in the side of the vessel, preventing the lifeboats from being deployed.

However, local official Giuseppe Linardi told reporters that some of those listed as missing may still be housed in private homes on the small island of Giglio – where those rescued reached land.

The three dead were said to be two French passengers and one Peruvian crew member, according to Italian media reports. Italian, German, French and British nationals were among the 3,200 passengers on board. There were also 1,000 crew.

The Costa Concordia was on a multi-week cruise of the Mediterranean Sea when it “hit an obstacle” near Giglio Island, not far from the Tuscan coast. That “obstacle” is thought to be a rocky reef near the island that ripped the enormous gash in the ship’s side.

UPDATE#1: The captain of the Costa Concordia, Francesco Schettino, has been arrested.