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Daily Beast Adam Winkler Thinks Clarence Thomas a Viable Candidate for GOP Presidential Nomination (Wikipedia)

CLARENCE THOMAS FOR PRESIDENT. LMAO! Adam Winkler, a columnist with the Daily Beast, seems to think Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas would be a viable presidential candidate. Um, really? That’s just too funny. If you think Rick Santorum is every Democrats dream of an ideal candidate to meet Obama in November, they would be foaming at the mouth to sink their teeth into Clarence Thomas and on so many fronts.

Daily Beast:  While Chris Christie and Jeb Bush might be fine candidates, perhaps the Republicans should consider a more inspired and game-changing pick: Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

Far-fetched?  Maybe. But a Thomas candidacy would energize Republicans in a way that few other Republicans can and would steal tremendous media attention from President Barack Obama.

Unlike the flip-flopping Mitt Romney, Thomas is a true conservative who could appeal to all of the segments of the Republican coalition. Tea Partiers would see Thomas as one of their own. Not only has he been a consistent voice to curtail the power of the federal government but his wife Ginni, a Tea Party activist herself, has been a leader in the fight to repeal Obama’s healthcare reform law. Wall Street Republicans would be buoyed by Thomas’s opposition to environmental regulation and his free market philosophy.  Blue-collar workers could embrace Thomas’s up-by-his-bootstraps story of rising from incredible poverty–until he was 7, his home had no indoor plumbing–and his votes to end affirmative action and preserve the Second Amendment. Evangelicals will like that he’s against abortion, gay rights, and limits on prayer in school.

Wow, not only would blacks run from Clarence Thomas in droves, I suspect women and Hispanics would too. Remember the whole Anita Hill scandal? Women won’t look too kindly on Clarence Thomas and his sidekick, Ginny. Hah. This is so far-fetched, it’s hilarious.  Either Adam Winkler has been drinking the wrong type of Kool-Aid, or the Daily Beast has now become The Onion. Wow, all that Clarence Thomas for President talk has gotten me worked up. I need a can of Coca Cola.

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