Whitney Houston Black Velvet Dress, Earrings Worn in "The Bodyguard" to be Auctioned Next Month, Just Weeks After Singer's Death

Whitney Houston was used to make money in life and it seems that it will that way in her death. People seeking to capitalize of the tragic end of a tumultuous life. A black velvet dress and a pair of earrings Whitney Houston wore in “The Bodyguard” will be sold to the highest bidder next month. Wow, so soon? Can’t they let her rest in peace for a little while? It’s the same culture of greed that has led to the stressful lives celebrities lead, some ending up just like Whitney Houston.

Celebrity auctioneer Darren Julien said Sunday the pieces and other Houston items became available after the singer’s unexpected death on Feb. 11 and will be included among a long-planned sale of Hollywood memorabilia such as Charlie Chaplin’s cane, Clark Gable’s jacket from “Gone With the Wind” and Charlton Heston’s staff from “The Ten Commandments.”

Julien said celebrity collectibles often become available after their namesakes die. “It proves a point that these items, they’re an investment,” Julien said. “You buy items just like a stock. Buy at the right time and sell at the right time, and they just increase in value.” Source

To profit so soon from Whitney Houston’s passing is deplorable and an affront to her family. The last thing her daughter, who was reportedly caught getting high hours after her mother’s funeral, and Cissy Houston need right now is the pressure of worrying about Whitney Houston’s name being dragged through the mud and becoming a cash-cow for people who want to capitalize off her name. They need to clamp down like the executors of Michael Jackson’s estate. This isn’t about history as Darrien Julien claims, it’s about making money at the expense of a tragedy.