Newt Gingrich knows he can’t win the GOP presidential nomination, so he will do the next best thing in his mind — sabotage Mitt Romney any way he can, particularly at the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

Patricia Murphy:  Newt Gingrich tipped his hand last night at “his campaign’s real strategy, which is no longer to win to nomination outright but to make Mitt Romney lose by denying him the 1,144 delegates he needs to clinch the GOP nomination before the Republican convention in August.”

“Gingrich has grown increasingly bitter toward Romney throughout the campaign, as the former Massachusetts governor has unloaded a barrage of attacks against the former speaker and, Gingrich believes, hurt his showings at the polls in the process.”

National Journal: “Governor Romney will get at most one out of every three delegates. Once again he will fall dramatically short … I think that the odds against his being able to get 1,144 delegates is very, very high. I think he is more likely to be a front-runner who ends up not finishing the race.” (Quoting Newt Gingrich)

Still think this man is a viable candidate for the White House? If he can’t get his way, he resorts to dirty politics, much like his stint as Speaker of the House. He badmouthed Ronald Reagan then and is acting as though he is the legitimate heir to his legacy. What a narcissist!