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Joshua Green: Newt Gingrich is the Real "Welfare Queen," Indolent and Undeserving (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I came across an interesting article dubbing GOP presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich the real Welfare Queen, undeserving and indolent on all fronts. Thankfully, his presidential aspirations are dissipating just as fast as his campaign funds and we won’t be subjected to his hypocritical and self-serving rhetoric.

 Joshua Green:  “But Newt has had a rough go of it since then. He’s fallen back — way, way back. His main source of funding (billionaire Sheldon Adelson) has dried up. His think tank went bankrupt. His campaign is $4.3 million in debt. He doesn’t hold a prayer of beating Mitt Romney, something he has all but conceded. And yet since March 6th, the Secret Service has honored his request for protection at a cost to taxpayers of roughly $40,000 a day (or, to translate that into a metric Newt might favor, enough to supply 13,333 people a day with food stamps). That would yield a tab of more than $5 million were Gingrich to carry out his vow to stay in the race until the Republican convention at the end of August.

But, wait — isn’t Gingrich the same candidate who declared the deficit a profound national crisis and vowed to eliminate it by 2017 using that gimmicky Lean Six Sigma corporate streamlining system created by one of his campaign donors? (Why, yes, he is.) So how can he justify his current status: jobless, deep in debt, no prospects, a drain on public coffers?” Source: Bloomberg Businessweek

Funny he should profess his “adoration” for Ronald Reagan, who coined the term welfare queen. I wonder what would Ronnie really think of Newt Gingrich running for the highest office in this country? Would he approve of his mooching off Sheldon Adelson and the system?

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