Pastor Marvin Winans driving on suspended license when carjacked:  Rev. Marvin Winans, senior pastor at Perfecting Church in Detriot,  needs to practice what he preaches — exercising personal responsibility. He was driving on a suspended license when he was carjacked by Montoya Givens, Christopher Moorehead and Brian K. Young nearly two weeks ago at a Detroit gas station. A warrant for his arrest was issued March 15 for failing to appear in court after he was ticketed for driving with a suspended license and for impeding traffic,  the Detroit News reports. Yeah, yeah, yeah, his spokesperson shrugged it off saying his staff handles such matters. Um, he was ticketed, so he knew darn well he had to appear in court.

The gospel singer didn’t show at a March hearing in 43rd District Court in Hazel Park on the two tickets and a warrant was issued for his arrest, according to a court official.

Winans released a statement Thursday afternoon that stated:

“The traffic issues listed in driver’s record that was recently released was in the process of being handled prior to the Wednesday, May 16 incident. The proof of payment and formal letter addressing the issue was submitted. I was not aware of any suspension of license due to change of address. All day-to-day correspondences are facilitated by my administrative staff. If something was a matter of great urgency they would have brought it to my attention” Source: Detroit News

The problem is, Pastor Winans has been “ticketed 11 times since 2009, including for speeding and disobeying a traffic signal. He has had four other license suspensions for not paying fees dating to 2006, according to state records.” It is quite clear that he believes he is above the law and the rules of the road don’t apply to him. He tells his congregation that personal responsibility must not be ignored, but yet, that’s exactly what he has done with his driving record. He could have killed someone on the road. Gee, I wonder what his insurance company had to say about his suspended license?