BACKLASH? A new Rasmussen poll finds President Obama trailing Mitt Romney by 7 percentage points. Could this be the beginning of a backlash against his endorsement of gay marriage? Of course, the Drudge Report is running with this. Not surprised. It’s safe to say that most blacks don’t support the president on this endorsement. While I believe marriage is between one man and one woman, I don’t have a bone in this dogfight, so it’s not my place to tell a gay man that he can’t love another gay man unconditionally and get married. He has a right to happiness as I am.

What I find most displeasing is the fact that President Obama continues to take the black community for granted. If he had done half as much for the black community as he has done for the gay community then I wouldn’t be willing to throw him under a bus for endorsing gay marriage. It seems to me that he did because he was cornered by the right wing after Joe Biden, either misspoke or was sent on “Meet the Press” to lay the groundwork for his endorsement during ABC News interview. Obama just slapped the black community in its face once again using “calculated courage” to the benefit of the gay community. Are you willing to stand with him? I suspect many will because they have been trained to do so.

Well, let me publicly state today, I won’t be one of those people supporting him in November, unless the president devotes some attention to the needs of the black and Latino communities.  To all my black readers, are you going to just roll over and let the Obama Administration and the Democratic Party continue to ignore you or are you going to fight like the gay community does for its rights? Hey Mr. President, since Sasha and Malia Obama are so up on what’s going on in the gay community where same-sex marriage is concerned, what have they been telling you about helping the black community?

Rasmussen Poll Shows Obama Trailing Mitt Romney by 7 Points, Backlash from Supporting Gay Marriage?

This poll comes as Bill Clinton reportedly called President Obama an “amateur.” Um, well, that’s according to Edward Klein’s new biography of President Obama, entitled “The Amateur” (title taken from Bill Clinton’s comment). He claims Bill Clinton thought so little of  Obama, mocking him as an amateur, that he last summer, he pressed his wife to quit her job as secretary of state and challenge him in the primaries. Er, didn’t Bill Clinton campaign with Obama recently?

Here’s the reaction on Twitter about Rasmussen poll: