TJMS Co-Host J. Anthony Brown Caught Up in Chris Bosh Baby Mama Allison Mathis Foodstamp Drama

Tom Joyner Morning Show co-host J. Anthony Brown (who I find very hilarious) got into an on-air disagreement with Chris Bosh’s child’s mother, Allison Mathis’ lawyer, Jane E. Carey, who was on the show to discuss reports earlier in the week her client was recently laid off from her job as a construction company’s secretary and applied for food stamps and is on the brink of foreclosure. The sticking point was the fact that Bosh, who plays for the Miami Heat, rakes in a salary of $18 million and pays just $2,600 a month for child support to Mathis for their three year old daughter Trinity.

Well, enter J. Anthony Brown — he mentioned that a lot of single mothers are forced to take care of their children with far less than $2,600 a month income and he disagreed with Carey’s belief that Bosh should be forbidden from taking Trinity Bosh¬†overseas this summer for the London Olympics. An Orlando judge declined his request. J. Anthony Brown is entitled to his opinion. He is right, many single mothers take care of their children on less money monthly, but that doesn’t absolve the father of his rights.

The Miami Herald is reporting that, by legal standards and based on his income, Chris Bosh should pay Mathis at least $30,000 a month in child support. ¬†I don’t know how Chris Bosh managed to get this deal, but for the sake of his child, it’s not right. Look at the situation involving Evander Holyfield and his 12 kids. He has to pay far more than $2,600 monthly. No-one is saying Allison Mathis should live like a millionaire, but his child support payments should be significantly higher because he has the means.