South African President Jacob Zuma is still the butt of penis jokes because of his penchant for sex. Well, the African National Congress’ Women’s League is upset over the latest cartoon that appeared in Friday’s Globe and Mail. They condemned Zapiro’s (real name is Jonathan Shapiro) cartoon featuring an “ere ct penis,” saying he went too far. This comes on the heels of Brett Murray’s “The Spear,” painting of Zuma with an oversized penis and scrotum that is the subject of a court case.

Zhapiro Jacob Zuma penis cartoon
ANC Women’s League Outraged Over Zapiro Cartoon Calling Jacob Zuma a “Dick” (Globe and Mail)

“The Zapiro cartoons rely on their shock value to make an impact, but calling the president of this great nation a ‘dick’ is unacceptable and the [league] would like to know who the ‘we’ he is referring to in the cartoon actually is, as the majority of the population who voted for the president clearly did not think this of Zuma.”

The cartoon was an attempt to fuel divisions in society and was a violation of the president’s dignity, the league said. ┬áSource: Globe and Mail

It is obvious that many hold Jacob Zuma in low esteem and the more the ANC bitches, the more caricatures of Jacob Zuma’s manhood we will see in the news media. SMH. There are more important things for the ANC to worry about, such as the high unemployment and murder rates grappling the African nation. I guess the ANC wants to deflect the fact that Zuma’s presidential jet order was cancelled. with all the economic woes, the last thing Zuma needs is a presidential jet.

UPDATE#1 (07/06/12 3:27 PM EST): The ANC is demanding an apology from Jonathan Shapiro and the newspaper remove it from its site. Shapiro said “dissident views are essential for real change.” M&G editor-in-chief Nic Dawes said, “We have no plans to remove the cartoon,” the Mail and Guardian reports.

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