James Holmes Aurora Batman gunman
James Holmes Identified as the Aurora Movie Theater Gunman

Dark Knight Rises” Paris premiere was cancelled after news broke of the bloody rampage at the Aurora CO showing of the movie, that left 12 dead, 50 injured and gunman James Holmes in police custody. The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that the media interviews with director Christopher Nolan and cast members, Anne Hathaway, Christian Bale and Morgan Freeman¬†have been cancelled.

The Washington Examiner is reporting that the bloody rampage is eerily similar to a 1986 Batman cartoon:

The horrific shooting at the screening of The Dark Knight Rises in Colorado late last night bears eerie similarities to a scene in the 1986 comic Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. In the comic, a crazed, gun-toting loner walks into a movie theater and begins shooting it up, killing three in the process. The passage concludes with the media blaming Batman for inspiring the shooting, though he is not involved in the incident at all.

The 1986 comic, written and drawn by Frank Miller, was a key inspiration for the Chris Nolan Batman films. It helped to reimagine the character away from his Saturday morning cartoon image and into a dark, grim avenger. The point of this particular scene in the comic was to show just how far Gotham has fallen since Batman had retired.

Batman 1986 comic strip
Was the Dark Knight Rises Batman Movie Shooting Imitated from Scene in 1986 Comic? (Beltway Confidential)

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