Dick Cheney, Vice President of the United States.
Dick Cheney Says Obama One of Our Weakest Presidents, Worse Than Jimmy Carter(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dick Cheney must be feeling strong these days since his heart transplant, thanks to the wonderful healthcare policy he he at our expense, because he’s spewing a lot of bullshit again. He appeared on “Good Morning America” saying Obama is “one of the weakest presidents” in American history, worst than Jimmy Carter. Um, he’s forgetting he’s one of the worst vice presidents in America’s history. F*ck you Dick Cheney! This is the same man who voted against Dr. Martin Luther King Day.

“Obviously, I’m not a big fan of President Obama,” said Cheney in an excerpt from an interview with ABC News aired Monday on “Good Morning America.” “I think he’s been one of our weakest presidents.  I fundamentally disagree with him philosophically, be hard put to find any Democratic president I disagree with more.”


Cheney said Obama deserved some credit for the killing of many high level al Qaeda operatives, but had made many missteps which overshadowed those gains.

“I wouldn’t say he’s been soft on terror,” he said. “But I think he made a number of mistakes. Bin Laden fine, bin Laden had intelligence that laid the groundwork for what ultimately led to the capture of bin Laden. It came as a result of programs we had in place in the Bush administration.” Source

What do you call George W. Bush? Now he wants to see another bumbling idiot become our president.  I don’t wish bad things for anyone, but this asshole is like the Ever-Ready bunny, he just keeps popping up, one heart attack after another. When Mitt Romney can show us his tax returns, tell us about the documents he directed his staff to shred in Massachusetts, come clean about his offshore accounts, have his Olympic archival records released, among other things, then I will support his candidacy. Until then, I guess I will go with the lesser of two evils.  When Dick Cheney is the point man for the Republican Party, they are in bigger trouble than they think.

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