Pepe Le Pew Romney
Mitt Romney AKA American Borat, Stinking Up Great Britain Gaffe After Gaffe

Mitt Romney is the American Borat who is stinking up Great Britain with gaffe after gaffe. The Brits are having a field day and I can’t say I blame them. The ultimate kick in the gut came with his lavish fundraiser, schmoozing with employees from Barclays Bank, which is currently mired in a scandal over manipulation of the LIBOR index. Criminal charges are expected in the near future.

Quite frankly, I haven’t seen such incompetence since Sarah Palin’s fiasco on the national stage in the 2008 presidential campaign. Well, John McCain may have spied this train wreck coming when he chose Sarah Palin over Mitt Romney saying she was the “better candidate.” Mitt Romney is giving off the same odor as Pepe Le Pew. Um, I wonder if he wants to “retroactively” cancel his trip? SNL has nothing on Mitt Romney. The comic relief is priceless. I can hear George W. Bush asking, miss me yet?

Here’s the reaction on Twitter under #AmericanBorat hashtag: