So there you have it, the Obama White House intends to do nothing about gun control laws, according to press secretary Jay Carney. In other words, New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg is preaching to the choir when he says President Obama and Mitt Romney need to say what they will do to tighten gun control laws in light of James Eagan Holmes’ shooting rampage at the premiere of “Dark Knight Rises” in Aurora, CO.

Politico:  Carney said that includes a reauthorization of the Clinton-era assault-weapon ban that lapsed during the George W. Bush administration. “As you know, there’s been opposition to that since it expired within Congress,” Carney said. “The president is focused on doing the things that we can do that protect Second Amendment rights which he thinks is important but also make it harder for individuals who should not under existing law have weapons to obtain them.”

So, there you have it in a nutshell — Obama won’t touch gun control during the presidential campaign. He wants to keep everything status quo as many are falling victim to gun violence in his home city of Chicago.