Britain universal health care featured during opening ceremonies Olympics
Did Oscar-Award Winning Director Danny Boyle Send Message to America about Universal Health Care at Opening Ceremony?

I don’t know if anyone got the coded message the Brits were sending to America with the free healthcare feature in the opening ceremony of the London Olympics last night. The Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare, has been a contentious issue in America, but it’s mired in partisan politics and overshadowed by a giant cloud called “the unknown.” If Canada, that’s doing far better than the U.S. economically and Great Britain, two of our closest allies can have “free healthcare” that actually works, then what’s wrong with America? Politics. That’s what’s wrong.

Danny Boyle, the Oscar-winning British director of the opening ceremony may have been sending a coded message to American voters that universal healthcare will help them over time. The glorification of free universal health care in opening ceremony featured dozens of skipping nurses and children in pajamas leaping on massive hospital beds, with a large ‘NHS’ displayed. Britain’s national health service has provided free taxpayer-funded health care to everyone in the UK after World War II, when it was founded.

Mark Sappenfield of the Christian Science Monitor, suggested that Danny Boyle may have been sending a coded message to American voters writing, “It is hard to escape at least some small sense of advocacy in Boyle’s second act, particularly after a cigar-chomping elite let loose the gluttony of unchecked industry on the idyllic English countryside in the first act. This was, it seemed, an opening ceremony for the 99 per cent.”

He [Danny Boyle]  insisted that message was not political, but rather a reflection of the values that British society holds dear and emanates to the world.  “One of the reasons we put the NHS in the show is that everyone is aware of how important the NHS is to everybody in this country,” he said at a press conference earlier in the day. “One of the core values of our society is that it doesn’t matter who you are, you will get treated the same in terms of health care.” Source: Christian Science Monitor

No matter how you view this, it was another slap in the face of Mitt Romney, who was in the stands during the opening ceremony with his wife, Ann Romney. You see, Mitt Romney’s train wreck of a visit to London, came to an end with Danny Boyle, indirectly sending a message about universal health care, which he agreed with compliments of Romneycare, before he disagreed with Obamacare, which was born from his Massachusetts program.